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This Is A Small Selection Of Lettering Style’s (fonts) More Commonly Used When Inscribing Memorials. When Choosing A Colour To Go With Your Choice Of Material It Is Worth Bearing In Mind That Light Colours Do Not Stand Out

On Light Materials, And Of Course The Same Applies For The Dark Colours On Dark Materials.

Cut & Painted Letters That Are Cut Into The Stone And Painted Or Gilded As Required.

Raised Lettering This Type Of Lettering Is Everlasting, As The Background Area To The Letters Is Removed Leaving The Letters Raised Within A Panel.

Raised Lead Substitute   These Letters Stand Proud On The Surface Of The Stone,. This Method Is Most Commonly Used On Granite Memorials. Letters  Can Then Be Painted Or Gilded.

Cut & Lead Substitute Leaves A Flush Finish To The Stone Surface . This Is Commonly Used On Marble And Limestone.

Gilding On Light Granites  This Example Clearly Shows That Gilding On Light Coloured

Granite Does Not Give The Contrast Required.

Here Are Some Examples:

Lettering Styles

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Bespoke Handcrafted Granite & Marble Memorials Available